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The hospital is affiliated to the All Ireland Co-Operative Oncology Research Group (ICORG) and participates in many of the ICORG studies. ICORG was set up in 1996 by a group of cancer consultants (our founding chairman was Prof. John Crown). The aim was to create more research opportunities for patients by putting a formal structure in place to make Ireland more attractive as a location to international cancer research groups and the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2000 the group expanded its membership to include Northern Ireland. Membership is open to all Medical, Surgical, Radiation Oncologists, as well as Haematologists and Research Specialists (Oncology Research Nurses, Site staff and Translational Scientists).

Today it counts more than 95% of the Islands cancer treating consultants among its membership ensuring that research into cancer develops at a national level across all localities. Since our incorporation ICORG has opened 260 research protocols and this has allowed access to research treatments for more than 7500 Irish cancer patients. With continued support and perseverance these figures are increasing all the time.

ICORG has also developed strong links with many leading international cancer research groups such as the ECOG, NSABP, TRIO and CRUK and those in industry developing the most promising new cancer treatments. As a result of these positive relationships Irish patients are now being offered cutting edge research options that previously would only have been available in the United States and Europe.

ICORG currently has numerous studies open in the following Disease Areas: Breast, Lung, CNS, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Gynaecology, Haematology/Lymphology, Head & Neck, Melanoma, Paediatric and Translational. Please see our Clinical Trials Section for more information on ICORG Studies.