Make a Referral

Making a Referral

Patients will not be seen unless the referral has been made by a certified medical practitioner, registered with the Irish Medical Council.

Patient may not self refer.

Referrals can be made electronically, by letter, phone or fill and fax form.

The patient is responsible for making sure they bring their referral letter to their appointment.


Patients are offered the earliest available appointment once a referral, letter, fax or phone call has been received. An appointment is usually offered within 2-3 days of receipt of referral, unless a specific surgeon is requested. In this case an appointment within a week is offered.

Patients are requested to notify the Specialist Breast Care Centre as soon as possible in advance if you will be unable to keep an appointment.

All attempts will be made to see the patient promptly and at the scheduled time. Please allow up to 3 hours for a first visit as a clinical assessment, mammogram and ultrasound or minor procedure may be required. The secretary will ring the patient to confirm their appointment time, insurance details and to outline the costs of the consultation, scans and any procedures that may be carried out. A letter confirming the patients appointment will be sent to the patient, and will include a Patient Information Leaflet. If the appointment time is within 24/48 hours, this information will be provided on arrival instead.