Patient Information


The aim of the Bon Secours Specialist Breast Care Centre is to provide patients with rapid access to our triple assessment clinic. Your GP has referred you to the breast clinic based on the National Cancer Control Programme guidelines for the treatment of patientʼs with symptomatic breast problems. The Breast Multidisciplinary team includes Surgeons, Radiologists, Pathologists, Oncologists and Nurses. This team works together in order to ensure patients are seen and investigated promptly and once diagnosed, receive the highest standard of individually planned treatment and care.

Triple assessment involves the following:

  • Clinical History and Breast Exam
  • Mammogram / Ultrasound
  • Biopsy if necessary

Getting to the clinic:

The Specialist Breast Care Centre is located on the 3rd Floor. Enter the hospital through the main entrance, turn right on the corridor and continue to the end of the corridor, go around to the right at the double doors. At the end of this short corridor turn left and you will see a lift on your left hand side. Take the lift to the 3rd floor, or alternatively take the stairs, located beside the lift. If you require assistance please go to main reception.

When you arrive:

Check in with the receptionist. You may be asked to complete a short form which includes questions about any family history of breast problems and any medications which you are taking e.g. (blood thinners such as Aspirin,Warfarin, Plavix).

You are welcome to bring someone with you but they may be asked to wait in the waiting room.

What to expect at the clinic:

You will be shown to a consult room and asked to undress to the waist and change into a gown which will be provided. A Consultant Breast Surgeon will see you first. He/She will ask you for details of your symptoms. This will be followed by a breast examination. The doctor will determine what further test you may require. This usually includes;


is an x-ray of the breast, taken by the radiographer. Two images of each breast will be taken. Some women may find this uncomfortable.

Please avoid using deodorant, talcum powder and body cream on the day of your mammogram. It is important to tell the staff if there is any possibility that you may be pregnant.


uses high frequency sound waves to produce an image of the breast. It is not an x-ray. It is painless and only takes a few minutes to do. If you are under 35, you are more likely to have an ultrasound rather than a mammogram.


Your breast surgeon will determine which biopsy technique is most suitable for you.

Ultrasound Guided Core Biopsy

uses a needle to take a sample of tissue from a lump or an abnormal area. The procedure is performed by the radiologist under ultrasound guidance.

Stereotactic Core Biopsy

is similar to a core biopsy except that it is done by the radiologist under mammogram guidance.

Cyst Aspiration

is a simple procedure done by the radiologist to remove fluid, under ultrasound guidance. A needle will be inserted into the cyst and the fluid drained into the syringe. A plaster will be applied. This rocedure
can be uncomfortable.

After your triple assessment:

You will be seen by your breast surgeon. Followup care will be discussed. You will then be advised to make an appointment with the receptionist before you leave.