For Men

The MANual For Men On:

  • Reducing Your Risk of Cancer
  • Knowing the Early Warning Signs To Watch Out For
  • Detecting Cancer Early

Power for Powerful Men

An introduction...As the proud owner of the latest model you’ll be keen to keep it in top condition. With a little care your high performance machine will last you a long time. In this way you can cut down on the need for maintenance and spare parts.

But like any sophisticated piece of high technology, your body will work best if you understand the basics of what is going on under the bonnet.

While the trend is changing, for many years men have been more likely to look after their cars than their own bodies. However, you can reduce your risk of getting many illnesses and with early diagnosis many can be successfully treated. Cancer is a good example of this.

This manual has been produced to:

  • Arm you with the information you need to keep your body humming like a finely tuned engine. In this way you can reduce your risk, and where possible, prevent cancer. 
  • Give you the tools to help you notice early warning signs that need to be checked by your doctor. Early treatment can help
    prevent little problems become big problems.

By following its guidelines you can be more than just a bog standard model. You can be more, much more. You can be a highly tuned modern man with a good chance of reaching retirement age as a highly prized vintage model in A1 condition. All of this, having lived a good quality life, looking and feeling well and surrounded by the ones you love. What a reward…

Download the complete Manual Booklet (pdf 185 MB).